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The Fort - Introduction

You heaved a stone upon a stone to build your shelter and thus you’ve etched your mark on history.

The White Grave. Grim name for a grim place. A name given to the frozen valley and ruined fort nestled in its mountains. A land that spews hot fire from its depth, land of avalanches and landslides, land constantly reshaped. Land of deadly cold and blinding sun. Where nature's fury rages constant.

It’s said this place cannot be tamed, it shuns civilization, burying all signs of its existence. Only one structure stands in defiance to this claim.

Built from bones of the earth, the fort of the White Grave guards the only reliable passage through the, otherwise impenetrable, mountain range that split the Thein lands to the north from Empire of the south. It has been a sight of many battles and bears scars from them all. This will be a place where players make their last stand against the fury of their countless enemies.

Fort is the heart of the game. It’s a home base and shelter for the player and their allies. Area of the final battle and many important events of the game. Most of the efforts go towards securing and rebuilding this place. It was, and is, the most challenging area of the game for us to design and it is immensely important for us to get this right.

When we started thinking about the fort, the first thing that came to both of our minds was that we wanted for it to feel like home. We thought of our favorite exploration games and those towns, houses, or spots on the map we loved to return to, time and time again, after our long adventures. And this has been a constant guiding point in our efforts at building the fort, to capture the magic of that experience.

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