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Bones, Leather and Obsidian. Two words about Armor Design

In The Way of Wrath the iron and bronze are very rare. Full iron weapon is a akin to a mystical artifact and would mark it's bearer a legend.

Instead the warriors learn to use any material they can find in nature and shape it into fearsome weapons and armor.

Wood, bones, animal pelts, volcanic shards of glass, and even plain old rocks can be turned into the tools of war in the hands of a skilled craftsman.

These materials are however fragile and experienced warriors take care to always scavenge for more resources and craft new gear.

Want to learn more? Watch our dev-diary where our art-director guides you through armor creation process. How is the armor designed, what considerations go into its conception? How artistic vision has to work together with game-design and try to be grounded in the reality of the game setting.

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