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Supercharge player experience with notifications and feedback texts. Player leveled up? New quest started? Need a combat log? We got you covered!

Fully modular System. With partial classes, virtual functions, and interfaces you’ll be able to take full control over how you use the system.

Built To Be Customizable. Create unlimited notification types. Each type lets you define how many items can be shown at once, how soon notification can be retriggered, is it show on top or bottom of the queue? You control the behavior.

Supports Variations. Want to use a different prefab to show a positive event vs a negative one? No problem, we support unlimited variations for each type.

Full control over animation. Show and Hide notifications with custom animations to create an exciting feel for the player. System ships with Animator, Legacy Animation, Canvas Group lerps systems and you can easily add your own.

Automatic Queue Handling. Don’t want to spam players with many messages? Set cooldown times and the system will automatically show queued items at your chosen pace.

Custom Information processors. Before notification is shown you can pass it through any number of custom scripts to handle localization, add rich text, handle custom tags, make text all caps? You do what you want to that data.

Pass Any Information. Extend partial data class to add support for any kind of information. By default, the system supports a list of strings (text) and a list of sprites (images).

Ultimate Notification System is a super easy to set up Unity UI based system that lets you manage all kinds of UI notifications. You supply the system with text or images you want to show, and it will display them using your UI prefabs.

Ultimate Notification System manages all the queuing, cooldown, types, variations, and integrations.

Ultimate Notification System is fully modular and highly extensible. It gives you full control over what information you pass to the notification, how it’s shown, hidden, and animated.

Ultimate Notification System ships with examples, demos, documentation, and video tutorials to help you get started!


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